Confidentiality Training Course FREE until 1st July 2019

In partnership with Social Care TV we are giving you the opportunity to complete a high quality online Confidentiality training course.  This excellent resource will improve your understanding of confidentiality, giving you the practical support and advice you need to ensure you are satisfying your confidentiality responsibilities. As a health or social care worker you have access to private and personal information about those in your care. Do you know who has a legitimate need to know this information? Do you understand your legal duty to protect confidentiality? If not, this is the ideal resource to expand and develop your knowledge, to ensure you are fulfilling your duty of care. Ideal for induction, refresher, management and vocational training. Please click here if you would like to complete the course or find out more.  This is high quality training complete with proper certification from an ACCREDITED training provider and is available totally FREE until 3rd June 2019.  Plus, every trainee receives a FREE training certificate on completion of the course!